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About Higo

Hilda Gabarrón Ordorica ... Higo


Mexican colorful mind fused with north American amazing life. 

I make art because it is my expression.


My work is original. The process begins with an IDEA. I get caught in the passion of the idea. The expression of the idea becomes my challenge, which will be embodied through some new technique, or a mix of new and older method. As I work through this challenge, I can express the emotion of the idea with oil, watercolor, acrylic, paper-mâché, hypertufa, stain glass window, mosaic, or batik.


I take inspiration from my life and memories; which are transformed into fantasy when I wed them with my emotions. My ideas are spontaneous; my craftsmanship is meticulous.


I work with bright emotional basic colors. The Impressionism and Post-Impressionism have an important role in my expression. 


I have been exposed to diverse techniques which guide my artistic solutions. I studied painting restoration; prepared diverse techniques with pigments; taught color theory, drawing, illustration, mixed media to children, and adults at the College students level.


My art is the needed complement of my life. My art challenges my emotions into new creations that help me feel happy and relaxed … until the next idea comes.

About HigoArt

“Higo Art is a virtual gallery of dynamic fine art and stunning functional artwork.   Originally from Mexico, Higo is a Cleveland-based artist who lives, creates, and exhibits her unique, vibrant work throughout greater Cleveland and through this online gallery. 

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